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Legacy Program

Recent studies have shown that children are choosing their desired career paths as early as the fourth grade. At this time, elementary students in New Brunswick are gaining minimal exposure to the skilled trades through existing curriculum, thus hindering the likelihood of engagement in skilled trades education and opportunities down the road. 


In 2019, Skills Canada New Brunswick launched its Educational Pilot Program which engaged third-grade students in a number of hands-on, skills-related activities. Over the course of several months students were introduced to shop safety, personal protective equipment (PPE) and engaging activities with first year college students and apprentices at NBCC Moncton. 


Through participation in the Skills Canada New Brunswick Educational Legacy Program, students will have the opportunity to learn about various domains that exist in skilled trades and technology, and will gain hands-on, interactive experiences in the shops. Additionally, students will be introduced to local businesses and colleges that also opt-in to participate in the program.

Shannon Youden / Grade 3 French Emersion Teacher / Bessborough School


Provide Engaging Activities and Resources

Skills Canada New Brunswick strives to be a first-point of reference for students of all ages who are interested in learning more about opportunities in Skilled Trades and Technology. It is committed to continuously engaging it’s audience by connecting them with resources and contacts that help to provide as much information as possible!

Connect with Youth
Across the Province

The utilization of their digital platforms will mobilize Skills Canada New Brunswick to reach students in all parts of the province despite the cancellation of in-person programming due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Educate Tomorrow's Skilled Workforce

Skills Canada NB initiatives such as these are focused on educating tomorrow's skilled workforce so they feel confident when choosing to pursue a skilled trades. They are committed to working with educators of all levels to ensure there are no missed opportunities among New Brunswick's youth.

Provide Positive Spaces for Inquiry and Curiosity

It's important to create safe spaces for students to learn about new subjects through offering comprehensive, hands-on learning experiences via our online digital platforms! It's through such experiences where students can feel confident in pursuing new fields.


Create Conversations with Stakeholders about New Brunswick's Future

This program seeks to provide opportunities to open a dialogue about the current employment landscape and educational pathways currently established in the province and to create mutually beneficial connections between stakeholders.

Support Local  - Always!

As an organization working to keep New Brunswick's future skilled workers at home, SCNB believes it is imperative to engage with local businesses whenever possible. This program would not be possible without the support of the many partners who offered their time and resources to contribute the programs initiatives!

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